December 25, 2010

Ya! Awak Semua!!

Hidden meanings of those alphabet. A to Z.

A - accept you as you are
B - believe in having fun
C - cheerish time together
D - dream big dreams
E - enrich, comfort adnd delight
F - follow up and follow through
G - grow forever memories
H - honour each other's feeling
I - invite you to their heart
J - just call to say "How are you?"
K - know when something's up
L - love you no matter what
M - multiply joys and divide sorrow
N - never regret to be you friend
O - overcome the problems together
P - pick you up when you are down
Q - quickly forgive you and make up
R - remind you af your gentleness
S - smile when they think of you
T - take a good care of yourself
U - understand when you just silent
V - value time together
W - walk with you, side by side
X - xperience ups and downs
Y - yearn to stay connected
Z - zest to live, love and laugh

Those are things that you are supposed to do to be a greatest friend. Rite?? Kalau tak mahu buat pun tak apa sebab entry ni aku buat time tengah tak ada keje and something keep spinning around my head lahh. Kahkahh!! XDXD Saja nak post merepekmerepek ni. Gila? Sikit lahh~ Ngee XD

To temanteman seperjuangan kemerepekan dan kemengarutan IntanSuraya, KrunNadzihah, MariaKibty, NurulAf and semua lahh yang selalu layan kepala otak aku yang agak suku ni. Wakhkahh!! Thanks banyakbanyak!! Ngee XDXD Sayang korang lebih lahh!! Tahuuu?? *winkwink X)

notification : manusia tak sunyi dari kesilapan, kann??



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fiyza sams kenet said...

Lalala~~ Mengarut!! Wakahkah!! ;D