January 12, 2012

Entry For Awesome


Dear Bf, if I could tell you one thing, I guess it would be that I love to hear your voice and that your smile to brighten my entire day. I miss those days where I can share every single thing with you. I miss your giggle whenever you make you own joke. I miss everything before YOU and I become WE.

Dear Bf, I want you to be my awesome boyfriend, my awesome bestfriend, my awesome crush, my awesome kicking bag, my awesome punch bag, my awesome moviepartner, my awesome gemuk, my awesome walkingpartner, my awesome enemy, my awesome arguepartner and my Awesome Handsome!

Dear Bf, would you give me your shoulder whenever I shed my tear? Would your give me your hands everytime I fall? Would you love me whenever I forget to love myself? Now we share the same bright sun, the same round moon, why don’t we share the same love? 

Dear Bf, I dont want you just to be my boyfriend only. I need you to be my bestfriend too. I need to share every single thing with you without any worries being criticized. I need to throw my anger. I need to be kinda girl with smile on her face. I need someone to soothe me whenever I feel down.

Dear Bf, would you mind to be my Boyfriend and my Bestfriend at the same time? If one day I cry, I'll call you. I wont hope that you'll make me laugh, at least cry with me. If one day, I want to run away, I'll call you. I wont hope that you ask me to stop, at least run with me. If one day, you want dont want to listen to anyone, you can call me. I promise that I'll be very quiet. And if one day, you call me and there is no answer. Come fast to see me. Perhaps I need help :')

notification : dear readers, sorry if this entry makes disgusting yaaa! Ohyeeahhhh this entry for my Awesome XD

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Iheartyou !

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kesihatan kepada Nurhafizah Mohd Samsuri serta ahli keluarganya dan kurniakanlah kebaikan pada dua mata pemeriksa dan keburukan pada tapak kakinya. Kurniakanlah Nurhafizah Mohd Samsuri keputusan 9A+ dalam SPM 2011. Dan permudahkanlah segala urusannya di dunia dan di akhirat. Aminn!


adibbbb said...

apabila nurhafizah mohd samsuri bertukar menjadi william shakespeare :O

Fizakenet said...

Hahahaaaa! XD Ohyeaaaah! Geli dengar.