March 18, 2012

Hi Dear :)


Everyone can see
There's change in me
They all said I'm not the same
Kid I used to be
Don't go out and play
I just dream all day
They don't know what's wrong with me
And I'm too shy to say
It's my first love
What i"m dreaming of
When I go to bed
When I lay my head upon my pillow
Don't know what to do

My first love
Think that I'm too young
He doesn't even know
Wish that I could show him
What I'm feeling
Cause I'm feeling my first love

Mirror on the wall 
Does he care at all
Will he ever notice me
Could he ever fall
Tell me teddy bear
Why love is so unfair
Will I ever find a way
An answer to my prayer

I'm feeling my first love :)

 p/s: Cc Mr Awesome. Siapa menyampah baca, sila muntah. Bukan untuk kauorang punggg hahahaa!

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah Nurhafizah Mohd Samsuri dan sahabat sahabat keputusan yang cemerlang kesemua A dalam SPM 2011. Aminn!

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