December 12, 2012

Ini Bukan Cerita Lelucon


I'm not sleepy yet. Ini keajaiban sungguh berlaku di malam 12/12/12. Biasanya pukul 12 dah selamat bermimpi kawin dengan Tom Cruise celup dah haha! But tonight I'm waiting for someone to finish up his drama practice and until now he hasn't show up yet. Fyi, I never close the windows. I never switch off the lamps. I never be the only person that awake in the middle of night haha! Because he such a cockatoo. Keep repeating "jangan tidur lewat" every single day. And those words make me realise that he such a good cockatoo. No worries. I'm glad that you're concern.

For some reasons we smile. For some reasons we had some fightssssss. For some reasons we threw bad words. No. We never curse. We never throw out bad words, right? We only say sarcastic words, isn't it? I did it a lot muehehe! And sometimes, my attitude makes you feel annoyed. I mean, too much ignorance. Ahh just ignore those shaitooo thingy. I never ever ever want to make you feel like arghhhh by saying that "you must be like this" " you cant be friend with this girl" "your life is just college campus cafe" "you cant make jokes in class" "you cant unmention with that girl" "you cant blaa blaa blaa" " you cant this you cant that". Dher, boleh kencing manis oii gwa kalau hari hari macam tu. As long as you know that there is someone that always think about you. Investigate each of your word. Observe your haha hewhew haish puii zzz krohkrohh so on and so forth.

People can hate me. They dont really know me. Pernah salam tangan aku? Tak pernah? Pernah makan sesudu dengan aku? Tak pernah? Haa baik kau diam jangan banyak bising. If you want people to respect you, please do the same. What you did, you get back. Nak rasa masuk dalam kasut aku biar kau rasa sakitnya hati? Silakan. Kasut aku size 5. Apahal aku emo entah haaha! Tak tak. Gimik je. No. Just people tend to judge other on the social networks. Kalau nak judge guna gambar kat social networks ni tak payah cerita la kan. Camera360 adalah gadget utama. Ada yang terasa? Boleh highfive sekarang. Aku pun guna haha! Sekian. Kbye.

Ini trick. Tipu tipu tipu!
HafiSamsuri Cemerlang

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