December 22, 2014

Super Easy Baked Macaroni


Dua minggu cuti midsem dan terasa ini mengunyah. Time cuti sem haritu tak banyak masak pun. Disebabkan hujan turun dengan lemah gemalainya sejak dua menjak ni dan menyebabkan perut tak tentu arah, maka terhasillah resepi macaroni bakar campak campak ini. It is super duper easy to make. And delicious to eat. I would guarantee it. Let's get started.

Bolognese sauce

Daging cincang
Lobak merah (cincang)
Bawang besar (cincang)
Sos bolognese
Stok ayam

Bechamel sauce

Tepung gandum
Cendawan butang
Sos bachemal
Cheese cream
Susu segar


Cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan)
Chicken loaf

Okay baik lah anak anak. Sini Bonda terangkan cara cara nak buat macaroni bakar ni. Sonang sajooooo.

Sebelum sediakan sos sos semua, first and foremost, rebus dulu macaroni selama 20 minit (atau sampai tender). Toskan.

1. Firstly, buat bolognese sauce dulu. Saute bawang besar dengan lobak merah sampai naik bau. And then, masukkan tomato puree dengan daging cincang. Next, masukkan sauce spaghetti yang ready made punya tu je. Al maklum, ringkas. Lastly, season it with chicken stock and salt. Done. Put aside.

2. The next thing is, to make the bachemal sauce. Firstly, kena buat roux (mixture of fat and flour at the same amount). Untuk buat roux, panaskan dua sudu makan majerin atas pan sampai cair. And then, masukkan dua sudu makan tepung gandum. Kacau hingga sebati. Kacau untuk elakkan hangus. Done. Put aside.

3. In the other pan, saute cendawan butang sampai naik bau. Masukkan instant bechamel sauce, susu dan cheese cream. Next, masuk kan roux tadi sedikit demi sedikit. Add some salt. Stir. Done. Put aside.

4. Part ni best. Buat layer satu satu. Griskan loyang dengan majerin. And then, layer paling bawah, letak chicken loaf. Followed by the macaroni and Parmesan and Cheddar. And then letak capsicum. Kemudian, ratakan bolognese sauce dan dilapiskan dengan bachemal sauce. Ulang step ini hingga 3 lapis.

5. Garnish dengan chicken loaf, Mozzarella, parsley. Kalau ada nenas tin tu pun boleh letak. Lagi sedap.

Tadaaaaaaaa!! Ready to bake for 45 minutes in 180°C.

Dan siap boleh lah hidang untuk family. Try it now!

November 23, 2014

Second Chance

This second chance is not meant to be wasted.
But, I still got a lot of thing to be fixed.
By hook or by crook.
Till then, adieu.

October 28, 2014

Pulchritude Sterren

"Pulchritude Sterren"

Pulchritude - beautiful
Sterren - star

So, basically, pulchritude sterren means beautiful star.
Because I want to be beautiful star that shines for everyone.
Despite in the days or nights.

October 9, 2014

Grateful Enough?

On my way going back to Dungun.
Just now I've been approved by someone on Instagram. Someone that I've never know. I don't even know her full name. Or even her birthday. Surely I'll know it once I stalk her, which I haven't. Because I don't think I need to. For now.

Immersed by her beauty, I can say that she's perfect.
I mean, very perfect as a girl.
She got the height.
She got the look.
Almost likely like Neelofa perhaps.
She got instrument to play.
She got good job in doing deeds.
She got the strengths.
And she got his eyes on her.

All I see in her are pretty. Because she doesn't show her weaknesses. In public.
And one thing makes me be grateful,
That I still have both of my parents by my side. Thank you, ya Allah.

September 22, 2014


It is tiring to be in between
It is tiring to hold the tears
It is tiring to fake the feelings
It is tiring to deny the truths
It is tiring to concern about other's feeling
It is tiring to say "I'm okay. Don't worry"
It is tiring to pretend to be happy while the fact is, you're not
It is even tiring to think about it every second you wake up from dreaming

Can you please be stronger, for the sake of yourself, Dear Self?

August 29, 2014


"Miss, can I ask you something? Why did you choose me over her. I mean, for him"
"Because you know how to control yourself"

When you got too many hearts to be cared for, you'll ignore your own feeling.
I choose to let myself bear that feeling and make them happy.
In order to gain something, you need to lose something.
And I'll lose my own hapiness, to regain my happiness.

Does it make sense?

August 20, 2014

Back Off.

Right from the start I knew this feeling wasn't right.
You don't have to sacrify your friendship over this lovey dovey feeling.
It's a waste when at the end of the day, you'll lose both.
And it will leave some scars on these people involved.
It's better if one of these people leaves.
And it should be me.

Make sense?

August 6, 2014


The ending does not make me traumatized. But the period of time to forget those memories does. At this critical point, counter feeling is a must.

There'll be certain people that will be nice and try to know you. Be calm and counter that unnecessary feeling. Take it easy. Put them in the friendzone. As time goes by, the feeling will come out naturally. Let time heal the trauma.

Emotional illness is the hardest one.

June 27, 2014

I'm Not John Legend


It's about 4 years in total. 4 years knowing a person is not enough to totally understand the truth. And the fact is, I'm not totally moving on. Even though I'm trying so hard. Helpless.

Boys out there, please.
Don't dare to say "I love you" to her when you're not meaning it.
Don't even wake her up to go to classes.
Don't call her pretty.
Don't take a glimpse at her when you bump into each other.
Don't make silly jokes when you're with her.
Don't wipe her tears when she cries.
Don't offer you're hands when she fall.
Don't do anything if at the end of the day, you'll say "I'm not into you. You're in my friend zone"
Don't give her hopes.

Some girls will take it seriously. It's like when you're on the top of the world, and all of sudden you're falling without having anything to hold. Shizzzz! That's hurt so much. Conclusion, do not give your all to others. You're not John Legend.

June 22, 2014


So, well. Hello.

It's been awhile lah ayat cliche nya bila dah lama tak menaip. And I've been fine. Masih sihat masih cantik. Yaaa cantik okay highlight sikit cantik tu. Al maklum, dah masuk 2.0 series ni makin banyak pulak bahan bahan chemical dalam beg entah taktahu kenapa. Then main reason is, this sem I got serving class which need me to dress up makeup lah bagai bagai. Dan yaaaaa jauh perjalanan dari college ke serving restaurant mengambil masa 30 minit berjalan 30 minit highlight lagi sekali please. Sekian. Sampai class makeup sememeh.

But it doesn't matter walaupun berjalan setengah jam ke sejam ke. Macam lecturer serving cakap, if we eager to score in the subject, mind the attitude, and be passionate in study. Simple. And I got an idea from a friend of mine. Before going to class or after taking your shower, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself using extra positive words. And your day will be lightened up until your bedtime. Biarlah orang nak cakap gila pun kalau kita cakap dengan cermin. Benda baik. Apa salah kalau buat. Kan?

그럼. (*¯▽¯)ノ~~♪♪( ´θ`)ノ

May 15, 2014

Allah Answers Our Prayer


Donchiuuuu ever say Allah do not answer to your prayers when you didn't get what you want
Because ALLAH answers it in three ways. It is either ;
YES, you can get what you want because you deserve it, or
NO, you can't get what you want because it is not good for you, or
WAIT, something better is waiting for your ahead.

Lemme share some of my experience of this 20 years living as a girl turned out to be a woman-to-be. It started when I got the offer from MRSM Pontian in 2010. It was one of my wishlist nak masuk MRSM since two of my sisters are ansara's alumni too. Masa first first dapat tu sedih jugak sebab tak dapat maktab jejauh. Iyolah dulu kakak kakak kemain jauh lagi maktab diorang. Serting dengan Jasin. And me? Pontian sebelah hidung je. But Allah knows the best for me. Early 2010, my dad was sick. Minor stroke, maybe? And he couldn't drive for a few months. If I got the one in Melaka, Noghori or any other places, who would send me there? So, it's better to get nearer to home since tetiap kali outing boleh balik sendiri. See? Allah answered my prayers. I got the offer, but not as what I wanted since something was not good for me.

The other story is when I after leaving the school. My SPM result was nothing compared to my friends and sisters. But that what I deserved bila asyik memain je kan time form 5 tu. Padan muka diri sendiri. But alhamdulillah, I got the offer in Foundation in Engineering dengan result yang cukup cukup makan seriously cukup makan. Bila fikir balik, I didn't deserve it. But Allah knows. I really wanted to be in engineering school sebab macam cool. Lelaki lebih ramai?? See niat pun dah terpesong. No lah. Actually I used to and still am, in love with Physics. Because I like the way all the concepts work. For about 7 months in UiTM Puncak Alam as known as Palam, it was awesome. And exclusively, here, I'd like to say that I didn't finish my foundation studies since my final result was like *carut*. So, I ended up in January, three months earlier than other students. Allah gave me the chance to take a sneak peek on how to be an engineering student. It was tough tho. Allah knows I couldn't make it if I proceed with engineering school. So, that was it. Stop, pause and wait and Allah have something better for me.

In June 2013, I got the offer for Diploma in Foodservice Management in UiTM Dungun. It was unexpected offer sebab dari science stream to food service. But I was wrong. This course does consist a few science subject. Paling best sebab ada class kitchen! Masaklah apa apa semua just grab the ingredient and cook whatever you want. Tapi lepas siapkan masak the main dishes semua lah. I'll let you know more about this course in other entry okay :)

See? It is some of my experience selama lebih kurang 20 tahun kebelakangan ini. Or lebih tepat, 5 tahun lebekangan ini. We don't know what will be in other five years ahead. Kita boleh merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukan. Allah tahu kelebihan kita dan Allah juga tahu batas batas had kemampuan kita. Plan our future and determine to achieve it. The rest, leave it to Him. Wassalam.

Search Keywords


Niat asal nak buat post for adik adik SPM leavers yang dapat UiTM Dungun
But I turned out looking at the search keyword and found "amiru muhamad instagram" there
Rolling on the floor laughing like a mad hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahah!!
Glamour jugak kau bang?

And talking about him, we haven't meet up for one year. Exactly one year.
Last year punya Teacher's Day was the last time we met up.
Al maklum masing masing busy katenyeeeeeee.
Dungun to yutipee, it takes 7-8 hours. Just like Dungun to Johor.
So what do I expect bila diri sendiri kat timur and dia kat utagha?
Tak apa lah. Ada jodoh nanti kita jumpa lagi kan?

Toddlessssss :*

May 12, 2014



Since yesterday was Mother's Day, so I got the chance to know my friends's mom. 
Sampai tahap kalau sekali scroll memang sepuluh mak orang aku kenal.
Everyday is mother's day but I'd like to wish happy mother's day to my mom,
Puan Rosnah Kasnow, walaupun mak tak ada twitter facebook setegereng.

She nags.
She cares.
She scolds.
She loves.
She's strong.
She experienced losing her first daughter.
She's my mother.

Ilebiuuuu hihi!

April 21, 2014


Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaa hm
Jealous sebenarnya paham tak?
Tak faham banyak pun, faham sikit jadilah.
Banyak aspek. Sangat banyak.
Hahhaahahhaha! Faham?

March 19, 2014


Study week. All alone in the room. Kunyah kuaci.

Scrolling down the timeline. Friends are all over the world. Having their good days.
Wake up in the new atmosphere.
Playing with the snow.
Having nice sights.
How lucky they are.
Can I have some?
Blurry vision. Wet cheeks.

It's not the right feeling I guess.
The fate and rezeki for each of us had been written that way.
Just believe that, you have 1001 abilities that no one could defeat. And they have theirs.
When you be grateful with what you have today,
You'll find that Allah is The Most Justice and Almighty.

"You should appreciate what you have" - self monologue.

March 18, 2014

Jam Tiga

Too sensitive smelling sense. Make me wide awake in the middle of the night. All alone.

Few days ago, got a message from anonymous. Actually the message was sent for le roommate. Said that "kenapa manusia ni tak pernah nak bersyukur dengan apa yang dia ada". She refused to reply and came the keyboard warrior. Hands up!

Seketul pertanyaan berbalas enam page jawapan. Biar kau tahu kuasa acah keyboard warrior ini.

"Dah nama manusia. Mudah lupa dengan apa yang pernah jadi hak milik. Bila ada, abai. Bila tiada, mencari. Bila sihat, cari penyakit. Bila sakit, mengeluh.
Cuba refleksi sikit diri sendiri.
Pernah kita bersyukur dengan apa yang kita ada?
Pernah kita sentiasa dahulukan kebahagiaan orang lain?
Pernah kita singgung hati orang lain?

Bercakap berkaitan bersyukur. Bila kita ada rezeki lebih, tak salah berkongsi. Allah itu Maha Kaya. Maha Pemurah.
Kalau kita kongsi kebahagiaan itu, jangan risau. Allah akan tambah.

Kalau soal hati dan perasaan? Chill lah.
Allah pegang hati kita. Untuk menyukai adalah bukan paksaan.
Untuk berubah, adalah dari diri sendiri. Dengan izin Allah.
Berdoa. Semoga dipermudahkan. InsyaAllah."

It's not exactly what was replied. But the main point is there.
Share what you love, and you'll gain more (:

February 4, 2014

Sang Pengatur


Bring back the keyboard because I need to express this out!

Hectic weeks. Nak berry berry pun tak sempat rasanya. Biasalah. Assignment dah mula nak kena hantar. Test quizzes bagai. Tak adventure la university life kalau tak ada semua tu yedak. Menangis lah kau kat tepi sungai kalau tak study awal awal. And and and I got the chance to mandi sungai haritu. Literally mandi. Main air je pun sebenarnya.

PKA. Pusat Kecemerlangan Akademik. Tak pernah tahu pun kewujudan PKA kat UiTM Dungun ni. Sehingga lah terpilih pergi MAKA haritu which was organised by PKA. Sampai lah dapat text yang bagitau dapat pergi kem Training for Tutors (TOTU) kat Lata Belatan, Besut. And I was like haaa bila masa pulak daftar nama ni. Rezeki dari Allah. Mungkin ada something lepas ni.

Tiga langit bersuria dua malam berbintang.
Banyak yang aku belajar selama itu. Apa itu kerjasama. Apa itu sahabat. Apa itu keluarga. Ya, aku harap sangat kami boleh jadi umpama keluarga. Aku ada empat sem lagi kat sini. Mohon. Aku tak mahu hidup universiti aku kosong. Tiada apa untuk dicerita.
Biar aku cipta cebisan kenangan di bumi Dungun ini. Biar pahit biar manis. Sekurang-kurangnya masih ada memori untuk diungkit kelak. Untuk generasi lain.

Sesuatu untuk dikongsi.
Sesuatu untuk dihargai.
Sesuatu untuk dirasakan kemeriahannya .
Sesuatu untuk dirasakan syukur kepada-Nya .
Sesuatu untuk membawa erti alam kehidupan universiti.
Sesuatu untuk buktikan apa yang kita fikir adalah tidak adil bagi kita tidaklah seburuk mana yang disangka.
Kerana setiap apa yang terjadi, pasti ada hikmahnya.

Cantik Itu Bila..


Sering aku ajukan soalan, "apa yang ditakrifkan dengan cantik itu?"
Ramai yang jawab, cantik tu subjektif. Sebab itu aku bertanya. Aku mahu pendapat orang lain. Bukan hendak menghukum atau menilai sesiapa. Cuma ingin berkongsi pendapat. Apa yang diartikan dengan cantik itu sendiri. Kerana semua perempuan itu cantik bagi aku.

Aku terlalu mudah menyatakan seorang wanita itu cantik. Tak pernah aku jumpa wanita hodoh dalam muka bumi ini. Kalau kurang cantik sekalipun, mesti ada bakat lain yang buat seorang perempuan itu cantik dari segi yang lainnya. Mesti.
Pokok pangkalnya, cantik dari hati. Cantik hati perempuan itu, cantiklah serba serbinya. Tak perlu pun makeup tebal berjenama. Hanya bersahaja sudah memadai. Bahkan lagi cantik.

Kadang kala hati kecik aku jahat jugak. Kurang bersyukur. Tewas dimanipulasi syaiton. Terkadang rasa diri ni bukanlah tak cantik, tapi kurang comel berbanding orang lain.
Tahniah syaiton.
Sebenarnya comel je. Kot. Tapi ada satu perasaan di mana yang aku rasa boyfriend aku kalau bawa aku keluar dengan member member dia, mesti tak mengaku aku girlfriend. Sampai tahap rasa macam aku tak patut ada disekeliling kalian yang semuanya berprofile tinggi ini. Kalian sangatlah vogue sehingga sering diekori mata mata asing di sana sini. Sampai macam tu aku fikir.

Tapi tak perlu rasanya untuk ada berasaan tidak bersyukur. Allah tu Maha Adil, kan? Dia lagi tahu apa yang elok apa yang tak elok untuk hamba-Nya. Mungkin ada orang cantik, tapi tak bahagia dengan hidup dia. Dan mungkin ada orang yang lebih cantik, tapi dia rasa kekurangan dan dia pun nak sesuatu yang kita ada tapi dia tidak.
Bersyukurlah ada tubuh badan sihat, otak masih boleh berfungsi setiap masa. Cukupkan sepuluh jari kaki jari tangan? Cukupkan ada mata hidung telinga? Cukupkan ada suara boleh bercakap? Cukupkan satu perut untuk letak makanan?
"Allah tak akan kurangkan sesuatu nikmat daripada hamba-Nya selagi hamba-Nya itu tetap bersyukur."

Tapi apalah sangat cantik di mata orang tapi perangai tidak seindah rupa. Ayat cliche. Aku ingat pesan mak, "Kita ni keluarga bukan cantik sangat. Jadi, perangai tu jaga bagi cantik. Belajar pandai pandai. Nanti dah besar, dah berjaya, sendiri yang senang. Orang cantik boleh dapat suami kaya senang senang. Kita yang kurang ni, kalau sendiri berjaya kan sendiri yang senang." Aku percaya cantik itu bukan pada rupa semata.
Kita nak cantik, cantikkan dulu bahasa kita.
Kita nak cantik, cantikkan dulu perbuatan kita.
Kita nak cantik, cantikkan dulu amalan kita.
Kita nak cantik, cantikkan dulu akhlak kita.


January 6, 2014

Cuci Tangan Cuci Mata Cuci Hati


Berbalik entry before ni, aku rasa bukan facebook je yang jadikan orang tak bodoh jadi bodoh.
Merujuk metro 4 Jan, bahana twitter makin lah kian meleluasa berjela jela membiak buas bagai barah lulsss.
What I'm trying to say is, it's not a crime to use any social network but please use it properly prosperity professionally pro bono double lulsss.
And dont try to make any propaganja and be proud of it. Stewpidoss itu.

Kalau korang dah tengok la video MTAS kat bawah tu, you'll get my point. Intipatinya, bukan tak boleh kan guna social network ni. Tapi berpada pada lah.
Buat something yang mengajak orang lain buat baik.
Mengajak ke arah kebaikan bukan me-like atau me-retweet benda bukan bukan.
Tapi tak boleh nafikanlah yang benda benda social network bagai ni boleh bawak banyak mudarat kalau tak bebetul guna. I used to be like that.

I tend to criticize people on social network or in other polite word, judging.
I sarcams too much until my daily conversation pun mesti ayat ayat sarcastic keluar.
And when it comes to viewing other's profile which means stalking, I tend to come out with "hmmmmm untungla ini untungla ituuu" dan sebagai bagainya.
Ciri ciri orang tak bersyukur telah berjaya dipupuk oleh syaitooooooonirojim.
Orang macam ni hukum dia jangan bagi sedut oxygen tiga minit biar dia rasa nikmat hidup tu macam mana.
Tapi apa yang aku paling seriau bila berlelaman sosial ni, aku akan buka aib sendiri atau aku akan buka aib orang.
Why not kita cuci tangan dari update perkara perkara melagha. Cuci mata dari tengok video bukan bukan tapi kalau tengok video Mr The All Shared tak apa digalakkan. Cuci hati bagi sama sama spread the positive vibes.
So, kita jaga aib sesama kita eh? Okay? Deal.

Aku bukan daie. Aku bukan mufti. Aku hanya ingin membersih hati.

January 4, 2014

Orang Tak Bodoh Pun Boleh Jadi Bodoh


Tahniah Mr The Al Shared buat video yang rata ratanya kena sebijik batang hidung sesiapa yang menonton. To make it short, just take a look at the video.

Dan rasanya makcik makcik yang dah agak lanjut usia pun dah boleh stop main facebook. It's weird yknow bila makcik makcik cakap pasal facebook kemain sembang kencang. I mean, kencang berapi.
It's like ya ampuuuuuun makcik you act like a 14 years old girl yang dok sibuk cerita cerita hot kat member.
Tapi, ikut makcik lah nak main facebook. Saya cuci tangan.

I tend to label people when stalking. Toddlesssss :*

January 2, 2014

Nak Jugak Buat Entry Acah Acah New Year Leulssss


Happy New Year 2014 lah everybody walaupun sekarang waktu menulis ni dah 2 Jan. Peduli apa.
Maka dengan habisnya tahun 2013, I'll summarize what was my 2013. Dengan segala turun naik.
Rasanya macam roller coaster je tahun 2013. Super roller coaster.

Suku pertama 2013, tempoh dimana aku perlukan kekuatan mental dan rohani untuk melaluinya.
Awal awal tahun dah rasa down habis kot The feeling was like you're at the peak of the roller coaster track
And suddenly the roler coaster zasssssssss turun bagai ribut.
Dan saat ni lah aku tahu mana kawan yang bebetul amik berat pasal aku
Dan mana kawan yang still amik tahu tapi just buat tak tahu
Dan mana kawan yang memang taknak amik tahu langsung.
So far, kawan yang taknak amik tahu tu tak ada kot sebab aku pun taknak amik tahu ada ke orang yang taknak amik tahu pasal aku. Kesah pulak?

Juga dari segala hanyir lemparan kata kata orang lain, mak bapak dan famili aku sentiasa ada
Aku tahu Allah dah rancang yang terbaik untuk aku. Untuk orang sekeliling aku. Tiada penyesalan.
Aku tak boleh nak marah apa orang nak cakap.Aku yakin aku tak buat salah. Buat apa aku nak bising.
Orang macam ni memang patut dipedulikan. Kalau kena batang hidung dia sendiri baru dia diam.
Sebab orang yang kata tu, satu Tuhan dengan aku. Aku percaya Dia adalah sebaik baik perancang.

Suku kedua 2013, tempoh paling heaven lah gamaknya. Parti meliar ala ala gadis melayu terakhir gitu
Berjimba tanpa ada rasa bersalah kepada otak untuk memikirkan masalah lain
Bersua muka bertentang mata. Memenuhkan perut melebarkan pipi.
Aku langsung tak fikir masalah luaran masalah dalaman yang berlaku.
Memang segalanya lantaklah nak jadi aa. Tapi dalam diam aku fikir jugak. Hidup aku kot.

Enam purnama aku tahan. Dari awal tahun. Memang dahsyat aku rasa.
Suka ketiga tahun 2013, ingat bolehlah babas dari kata kata orang. Ya memang tak lah nak bebas dari kata kata orang. Ada saja yang tak kena. Aku diamkan lagi. Malas layan.
Yang paling terkilan suku ketiga 2013 rasanya bila aku didiamkan. Ini kwahaja namanya.
Hampir enam purnama. Tapi tak apa aku rileks. Jangan risau. I know everything's alright.
Sebab yang ini aku masih boleh bagi toleransi lagi. Sebab hati masih ada ihikss!

Suku terakhir 2013, ini aku suka. Sebab aku boleh buktikan kat orang orang yang duk sibuk bercakap
Yang aku boleh buat lebih baik dari yang mereka sangka. Jangan kau perlekeh aku.
Kau pandang aku sebelah mata, aku pegang kepala kau, pandang tepat kat mata kau. Puas hati.
Baru kau diam, kan?

Haaaa rasanya dah cukup ringkas dah kot 2013 aku. Nama pun summary. Kalau nak full version, scroll lah ke bawah ke bawah ke bawah ke bawah lagi, okay?

Farewell 2013
So, 2014 is saying hello. Be nice and be a good Muslim. Semoga 2014 ini lebih bererti dan lebih baik dari tahun tahun sebelumnya. Insya Allah. Toddlesssss :*