May 15, 2014

Allah Answers Our Prayer


Donchiuuuu ever say Allah do not answer to your prayers when you didn't get what you want
Because ALLAH answers it in three ways. It is either ;
YES, you can get what you want because you deserve it, or
NO, you can't get what you want because it is not good for you, or
WAIT, something better is waiting for your ahead.

Lemme share some of my experience of this 20 years living as a girl turned out to be a woman-to-be. It started when I got the offer from MRSM Pontian in 2010. It was one of my wishlist nak masuk MRSM since two of my sisters are ansara's alumni too. Masa first first dapat tu sedih jugak sebab tak dapat maktab jejauh. Iyolah dulu kakak kakak kemain jauh lagi maktab diorang. Serting dengan Jasin. And me? Pontian sebelah hidung je. But Allah knows the best for me. Early 2010, my dad was sick. Minor stroke, maybe? And he couldn't drive for a few months. If I got the one in Melaka, Noghori or any other places, who would send me there? So, it's better to get nearer to home since tetiap kali outing boleh balik sendiri. See? Allah answered my prayers. I got the offer, but not as what I wanted since something was not good for me.

The other story is when I after leaving the school. My SPM result was nothing compared to my friends and sisters. But that what I deserved bila asyik memain je kan time form 5 tu. Padan muka diri sendiri. But alhamdulillah, I got the offer in Foundation in Engineering dengan result yang cukup cukup makan seriously cukup makan. Bila fikir balik, I didn't deserve it. But Allah knows. I really wanted to be in engineering school sebab macam cool. Lelaki lebih ramai?? See niat pun dah terpesong. No lah. Actually I used to and still am, in love with Physics. Because I like the way all the concepts work. For about 7 months in UiTM Puncak Alam as known as Palam, it was awesome. And exclusively, here, I'd like to say that I didn't finish my foundation studies since my final result was like *carut*. So, I ended up in January, three months earlier than other students. Allah gave me the chance to take a sneak peek on how to be an engineering student. It was tough tho. Allah knows I couldn't make it if I proceed with engineering school. So, that was it. Stop, pause and wait and Allah have something better for me.

In June 2013, I got the offer for Diploma in Foodservice Management in UiTM Dungun. It was unexpected offer sebab dari science stream to food service. But I was wrong. This course does consist a few science subject. Paling best sebab ada class kitchen! Masaklah apa apa semua just grab the ingredient and cook whatever you want. Tapi lepas siapkan masak the main dishes semua lah. I'll let you know more about this course in other entry okay :)

See? It is some of my experience selama lebih kurang 20 tahun kebelakangan ini. Or lebih tepat, 5 tahun lebekangan ini. We don't know what will be in other five years ahead. Kita boleh merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukan. Allah tahu kelebihan kita dan Allah juga tahu batas batas had kemampuan kita. Plan our future and determine to achieve it. The rest, leave it to Him. Wassalam.

Search Keywords


Niat asal nak buat post for adik adik SPM leavers yang dapat UiTM Dungun
But I turned out looking at the search keyword and found "amiru muhamad instagram" there
Rolling on the floor laughing like a mad hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhhahahahahah!!
Glamour jugak kau bang?

And talking about him, we haven't meet up for one year. Exactly one year.
Last year punya Teacher's Day was the last time we met up.
Al maklum masing masing busy katenyeeeeeee.
Dungun to yutipee, it takes 7-8 hours. Just like Dungun to Johor.
So what do I expect bila diri sendiri kat timur and dia kat utagha?
Tak apa lah. Ada jodoh nanti kita jumpa lagi kan?

Toddlessssss :*

May 12, 2014



Since yesterday was Mother's Day, so I got the chance to know my friends's mom. 
Sampai tahap kalau sekali scroll memang sepuluh mak orang aku kenal.
Everyday is mother's day but I'd like to wish happy mother's day to my mom,
Puan Rosnah Kasnow, walaupun mak tak ada twitter facebook setegereng.

She nags.
She cares.
She scolds.
She loves.
She's strong.
She experienced losing her first daughter.
She's my mother.

Ilebiuuuu hihi!