June 27, 2014

I'm Not John Legend


It's about 4 years in total. 4 years knowing a person is not enough to totally understand the truth. And the fact is, I'm not totally moving on. Even though I'm trying so hard. Helpless.

Boys out there, please.
Don't dare to say "I love you" to her when you're not meaning it.
Don't even wake her up to go to classes.
Don't call her pretty.
Don't take a glimpse at her when you bump into each other.
Don't make silly jokes when you're with her.
Don't wipe her tears when she cries.
Don't offer you're hands when she fall.
Don't do anything if at the end of the day, you'll say "I'm not into you. You're in my friend zone"
Don't give her hopes.

Some girls will take it seriously. It's like when you're on the top of the world, and all of sudden you're falling without having anything to hold. Shizzzz! That's hurt so much. Conclusion, do not give your all to others. You're not John Legend.

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