August 29, 2014


"Miss, can I ask you something? Why did you choose me over her. I mean, for him"
"Because you know how to control yourself"

When you got too many hearts to be cared for, you'll ignore your own feeling.
I choose to let myself bear that feeling and make them happy.
In order to gain something, you need to lose something.
And I'll lose my own hapiness, to regain my happiness.

Does it make sense?

August 20, 2014

Back Off.

Right from the start I knew this feeling wasn't right.
You don't have to sacrify your friendship over this lovey dovey feeling.
It's a waste when at the end of the day, you'll lose both.
And it will leave some scars on these people involved.
It's better if one of these people leaves.
And it should be me.

Make sense?

August 6, 2014


The ending does not make me traumatized. But the period of time to forget those memories does. At this critical point, counter feeling is a must.

There'll be certain people that will be nice and try to know you. Be calm and counter that unnecessary feeling. Take it easy. Put them in the friendzone. As time goes by, the feeling will come out naturally. Let time heal the trauma.

Emotional illness is the hardest one.