October 28, 2014

Pulchritude Sterren

"Pulchritude Sterren"

Pulchritude - beautiful
Sterren - star

So, basically, pulchritude sterren means beautiful star.
Because I want to be beautiful star that shines for everyone.
Despite in the days or nights.

October 9, 2014

Grateful Enough?

On my way going back to Dungun.
Just now I've been approved by someone on Instagram. Someone that I've never know. I don't even know her full name. Or even her birthday. Surely I'll know it once I stalk her, which I haven't. Because I don't think I need to. For now.

Immersed by her beauty, I can say that she's perfect.
I mean, very perfect as a girl.
She got the height.
She got the look.
Almost likely like Neelofa perhaps.
She got instrument to play.
She got good job in doing deeds.
She got the strengths.
And she got his eyes on her.

All I see in her are pretty. Because she doesn't show her weaknesses. In public.
And one thing makes me be grateful,
That I still have both of my parents by my side. Thank you, ya Allah.