January 28, 2015


Just reached college and the housekeeping class was fun, yet tiring.

A thought just crossed my mind, about should a guy call every girl he knows as pretty sweety pie apple gummy chewy candy? Well, he shouldn't. Luckily I never met this kind of buaya.

Just imagine, girls, today he called you pretty and the next day, he calls your friend sweetheart? With an innocent look like he really mean it. Ohemmmgeeeee sangat.. Kau lelaki, boleh pergi mereput sana dalam dalam.

And why did I think of this kind of matter all of sudden? Because I try to avoid from this kind of situation, it's either be the buaya or the umpan. Whatever. Kau ingat kau siapa nak berkasih sayang beramai ramai berjemaah?

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