March 6, 2015


I used to befriend with someone that always use some sweet words to express the feelings.
It's sweet, yet gross. Iyekkkk.
Gross in term of kau pehal cakap pun nak sweet sweet. Geli lah woii tolong tepi sikit eh.

I can't even imagine how did I could befriend with that kind of people.
I ruined my own relationship.
Ruined everything I had.
For those kind of sweet words.
It was a big mistake, perhaps.

Let bygone be bygone.
I've deleted you.
I'm sorry? Who are you?
Did we meet before? Oh sorry. No!

And now,
I'm happy with what I have now.
Loves from my family.
My Phrait.
Each of positive people around me.
Every nice meal I had.
Every second of inhale exhale.
Every stupid argument in the middle of the night.
Every cone of ice cream I had.
Every slice of bread I had in the morning.
Every word of concerns, "don't be too busy"

Terima kasih, ya Allah.