August 28, 2015

The Unspoken Words

I'm here again. Well, probably because I got a lot of unspoken words. Shit happens sometimes. Most of the times, it doesn't even care if you're ready to deal with it, or not. That is why we call it, shit.

Counting days to final. It is bitter after sweet taste. I really really want to finish this study as fast as I can. I'm sick with these hypocrites-sapiens everywhere. They say they care, but in fact they don't. That is shit number one.

I'm sick with you-follow-my-order-sapiens. They'll make you follow their order, and you're the coolie to get THEIR things done.
That is shit number two.

And the sickest one is these I'm-always-right-and-you're-wrong-sapiens. Always claim themselves the best. And ignore other's opinions. Rebelling as they know everything. Rejecting others without asking.
And this is shit number three.

Yknow what is the realest shit when you're in university?
Sleeping partner. Deyymmm.