November 8, 2015


These are some thoughts of mine, which I urgently need to express it out loud. But no one seems wanna hear.

I used to be reactive. Sitting there, looking for others to work on the input and I'll just sit and waiting for the outputs. Or we call it, makan suap.

Not being alert with anything related to me, is my ability. Done it in almost of my schedule. And get scolded by my sisters. They are soooooo precise. They use the powerful phases,
"Cepat sikit"
"Jangan nak terhegeh hegeh"
"Lambat, tinggal"
And they really did if I didint make it fast.

And from that, I learnt how to work faster, be proactive, think in advance, and always be alert.

And now, I am dealing with these certain people that always waiting for the outcomes. Spoon feed. I guess it is just another cycle of living. I used to be the reactive one. So, now, the cycle rotates.

Oh by the way, please please please, be proactive. There are reasons why He gives us the brain. Isn't it?

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