December 1, 2017


I was about to do my assignments
And all of sudden
This unease and unpleasant feelings come.

Wet cheeks
This ain't cool.

O Allah,
Save me from doing bad things
Save me from saying bad words
Save me from having bad thoughts.

Who hurts me,
Please let them
Enjoy their days.

I know
This is not the end.

I believe in Your plan,
And your plan
Is the best plan of all.

August 22, 2017



Seems like I haven't posted anything quite a long time.
Sometimes it is good to get some socmed-detox.
Because everything seems like rubbish.

The smaller the circumstances,
The lesser we tend to get hurt.

March 8, 2017

Be Rational

Third day of forth semester in degree. And I have no idea why on earth we need to reshuffle the class. Like duhh, plan elok elok boleh?


Bukan nak cakap pasal class reshuffle or whatnot, I am here, desperately need a medium to express this one  feeling, that I think need to be digested clearly and properly by these certain individuals.

These di sini memberi erti, individu individu yang konon kononnya hanya dia yang mempunyai hati dan perasaan. Oh well, claps! No I don't want to spread any negativity here but since there is individual with this kind of attitude, it pissed me off. Mind my words.

Okay macam ni lah, kita ni hidup bukan seorang bukan dua orang je tau. Kalau kita nak sentap dengan setiap orang yang kita jumpa, please don't mingle around. I repeat, do not mingle with others. Reti? Ke tak reti? Tak reti sebab selama ni kita selalu dapat apa yang kita nak ke? Jadi maknanya kena ikut cakap kita selalu?

Nak bagitahu je lah, orang kuat sentap ni tak maju. Okay? Tak maju. Yes, setiap orang ada perasaan yes I admit it. Kak bang, tak ke mana pun muncung sedepa tu. Ada akal, fikir. Bukan buat pekasam. Dapat eh? Kita terasa hati dengan orang lain, ingat dia kisah? Hell no.

Kat sini satu je lah ragu, orang yang feel offended ke the other person yang kena minta maaf?